Cyber safe = cyber smart

When your teacher gives you research to do, I'd like to think that your first step would be to come to the library and check out a book. But, you know you're going to search online. And I know you're going to search online. So if you're going to go online, here's some stuff for you to think about...

I'm sure you can walk through a mall with your friends in public and not:                          

  • Reveal your name to strangers
  • Have conflicts with passers-by
  • Shout
  • Have temper tantrums
  • Swear out loud
  • Leave photos and video in the food court for people to take
  • Embarrass yourself by picking your nose. Right?

The stuff in this folder will help you learn not to do these things ONLINE!

St. Xavier House

Our house was named in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a missionary pioneer and a co- founder of the Society of Jesus.

He was responsible for the second largest conversion to Christianity after St. Paul. He has inspired our motto as he himself made his mark on the religious world in his short life. Our house colour is red and our motto is

 One House. BIG Impact. Make Your Mark!