Welcome to our new house members and welcome back to our returnees! Your captains this year are Amanda Garcia (Head), Shanice Chevalier (Sports), Tremaine Warner (Culture), Mariessa Newallo (Finance) and Laura Edwards (Finance). This year we're hoping to lead our wonderful house to victory as we portray "Salsa" in this year's Sports Day. We recently held our final tryouts for cheerleading, where we were even introduced to a house chant! Look forward to singing this catchy chant throughout the year and we hope we will all work together to have a thoroughly enjoyable year. Laughing

Your captains

St. Xavier House

Our house was named in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a missionary pioneer and a co- founder of the Society of Jesus.

He was responsible for the second largest conversion to Christianity after St. Paul. He has inspired our motto as he himself made his mark on the religious world in his short life. Our house colour is red and our motto is

 One House. BIG Impact. Make Your Mark!