House system 

The House system is an integral part of life at SJCPOS and aims to provide a sense of sisterhood and belonging through a range of school based activities. There are 6 houses at SJCPOS, and their names reflect our Catholic heritage. Upon registration every student is assigned to a house randomly; the houses are made up of students from the First year through to the Upper Sixth.


Blessed Ann-Marie



Holy Trinity



Our Lady



St. Joseph



St. Theresea



St. Xavier



Meetings are held to choose House Captains and three students from the Upper Sixth are elected by the members of each house. The job of the house captains is to take responsibility for the leadership and organisation of their house. Each house is assigned a house mistress- a member of staff to serve as advisor and mentor.

Students quickly form an allegiance to their house and a sense of fun and friendly rivalry pervades all the house events. Competitions throughout the year give students the opportunity to win house points. These are added together and the house with the most points at the end of the year wins the overall house competition .Click below  to check out activities in your house!

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