Hello there!

We've been waiting six years for the thrilling opportunity to lead our beautiful St Joseph House to glory and now we are so excited to start! With the 2011 Spelling Bee Champion's title already under our belt, we are geared up and energized to charge our house with the power to pull off an amazing Sports Day presentation.

This year, we are pleased to portray the musical genre of Pop Music. Once again, we are given a light and fun theme to work with. Somehow, this seems to suit the spirited and friendly nature of our house members as we are all each other’s keeper in St. Joseph’s House.  We, your captains are pushing for a 100% participation rate from all of our members. As we are truly a team, Together Everyone Achieves More;  NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND. Our intention is to pull together all the talents from every house member in order to achieve our common goal of excellence!

Your Captains

Head : Emily Narayansingh

Sports : Jochelle Dasent

Finance: Simone Delzin

Culture: Chelsea Jamadar

Treasurer: Christina Chung

Hello there!

Welcome to the new school year everyone, and especially a big welcome to the new Form Ones! We hope you’ll love our school as much as we do! The St. Theresa’s Captains look forward to an amazing and fun year with all our house members! 


Your captains this year are: 
Laura Teixeira, Chelsea Rogers, Caroline Moses, Kerlene Greaves and Isobel Pounder.

This year, we’re portraying “Rock and Roll” in our Sports Day theme of Musical Genres. We have some great ideas that we think you’re gonna love, and we can’t wait to work with you all and hear your own as well! We hope you will all be super willing to work with us this year and that we can together make this a truly awesome year.

We look forward to a great Sports Day with you guys!



Welcome to our new house members and welcome back to our returnees! Your captains this year are Amanda Garcia (Head), Shanice Chevalier (Sports), Tremaine Warner (Culture), Mariessa Newallo (Finance) and Laura Edwards (Finance). This year we're hoping to lead our wonderful house to victory as we portray "Salsa" in this year's Sports Day. We recently held our final tryouts for cheerleading, where we were even introduced to a house chant! Look forward to singing this catchy chant throughout the year and we hope we will all work together to have a thoroughly enjoyable year. Laughing

Your captains

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