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Behind The Scenes: Our Lady’s House

A lot of work goes into preparing for Sports Day, however it’s not all work! Liming with the Blue House Crew in the art room as they used their creative skills to make pom-poms for the cheerleaders, decorate gloves and other accessories while listening to music and dancing was extremely fun!


Nella and Jodie in deep concentration... Cherrisse posing with her handiwork Teamwork in Action!!








Darren shows off his artistic skills...

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Let's go Our Lady’s, let's go!!! 

As the long awaited St. Joseph’s Convent POS Sports Day 2011 approaches, Our Lady’s has been working tirelessly to improve and perfect their marching techniques. The cheerleaders dedicatedly show up on afternoons to practice, and the marchers spend their entire lunch time in under the hot midday sun. Our Lady’s Head Captain, Naiomi, shares her expectations for Sports Day 2011.

“Well, generally I’m not a competitive person so I would just expect my girls to do their best. My captains and I have faith in every single member of our house because as the motto goes, WE JUST BESS!!! Lets Go Our Lady’s!!

Blue house captains Ornella and Shermel also shared their expectations, “Come out- Do your best- Have Fun- Win!”

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Meet the Our Lady’s team 

Blue house is characterized by excitement and vybz, tough love and commitment to success. Let’s meet some of the girls who put their time and energy into Blue!!

Naiomi Herbert 
Ornella De Graff 
Damali Manning
Kanisha Clarke
Shermel Bascombe
Auxiliary Captains
Cherrise Harper
Darren Fraser
Jodie Jones
Renee Salandy 
Helpful house members!!
Chenniece Harper
Monique Moore

Our Lady’s Talented Cheerleaders!!
Zara B.
Zara S.
Aja Maia
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Our Lady House

Our house was named in honour of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of God and our immaculate heavenly mother. She is a true example of humility, purity, faithfulness and devotion to God.

Blue is our house colour and our house motto is:


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