The goal of the Visual and Performing Arts Department is to allow students to recognise that the arts represent an important facet of their development, and that they should respond positively to its various forms. They should be able to demonstrate visual acuity and aesthetic sensibilities and sensitivities in expressing themselves through the arts, to situate themselves in a multicultural, multiethnic environment with a clear understanding of the contribution they must make to social, cultural, economic, and environmental development in the local and global context and through the use of their bodies, language, tools, symbols and media, demonstrate their deeper understandings of synergies inherent in the exchange of ideas and information and thus communicate more effectively.

The goal of the Physical Education Department is to allow students to:- 

Realize and appreciate the value and enjoyment of engaging in regular and structured physical activity for the promotion of healthy lifestyles  • Be able to practise and sustain a programme of personal regular physical activity within their own healthy lifestyle  • Acquire and use skills for creative and efficient movement in a variety of appropriate situations and circumstances  • Demonstrate the acquisition of a degree of proficiency in various sporting disciplines based on the knowledge and understanding relevant to general health and safety  • Develop and display the social skills and teamwork skills required to actively engage in cooperative physical activities  • Develop and display appropriate responsible and potential leadership roles  • Acquire basic survival skills and demonstrate knowledge of significant preventative measures to preserve life and help others  • Develop an awareness of and an appreciation for a healthy environment and demonstrate in practical ways how to use and conserve it through related activities.

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