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The mission of the St Joseph’s Convent, P. O. S. Library Media Program is to provide an inviting, accessible and stimulating environment in which students develop into effective and efficient users of information in all formats and to promote the habit of reading for pleasure.

Our school library will become the school's learning commons- a place to develop and demonstrate exemplary educational practices; the dynamic hub of collaborative knowledge management, literacy and technological programs within our learning community and offer a supportive, information rich environment in which learners are simultaneously engaged and challenged.

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Information Literacy, 101

What is Information Literacy anyway?

Information literacy is simply knowing when you need information, knowing where to find it , how to get it, how to pick out just the bits you need and then put them together (in an honest way), to complete whatever task you're doing. It could be simply planning a trip to the movies, finishing an essay for your teacher or working in a group to make your project be the one that makes everybody go, 'Wow!'.

But these days the total amount of information just keeps growing and growing. So you'll need to be able to sort through tons of data from all kinds of sources, from manuscripts and books, to databases and twitter feeds! You may want to be able to collaborate- work with other people in your class, or even in another country to solve your information puzzle! With all the new technology, who says an essay is the only way to show what you've learned?

And you'll always need information, now, in college, in your daily life, so...  all this means is that each of  you must become an expert learner. So take a look at the resources we've gathered below and of course, if you need any help or see something we've left out, just tell us!

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Showcasing student work

The Form 1 Global Classroom Project 2013

global_classroom_wordleToday the globalisation of business, advances in technology and increasing migration means that to be successful, everyone will need to be able to work on a international scale. We'll need to be more knowledgeable about other countries and global issues, and able to communicate across cultures and languages. Students gain such global competencies when they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and act creatively and innovatively on issues that are global in scope, or important local issues that are faced by others in other parts of the world. This year, the Form 1 Year Group as part of the Global Classroom project will becollaborating with learners all around the world, looking at 4 main issues-

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic development
  • Health and human development
  • Cultural identity and diversity.

Through their activities in this project, they will learn how to study the world beyond their immediate environment, to recognise and respect the perspectives of others, to communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences and to collaborate effectively and to translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions. Click here to follow them on their journey!

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