Services @ the library

We aim to offer service for no less than 9 hours per day, except for Fridays.  Our opening hours are

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 7:00 am to 4.45 pm.
  • Tuesdays 7.00 am to 2.30 pm
  • Friday 7:15 am to 3.45 pm.

The library must however be closed every Tuesday from 2.30 pm for the weekly Library Prefect meeting. Should we be closed at any other time, it will definitely be due to a situation beyond our control and we will be very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The library welcomes all users, but we are very well utilised, with several classes scheduled daily. During class, we may be unable to offer access to some parts of the facility. Please see our posted library schedule for details of scheduled classes.

 We do however have four instructional areas available;

  • the Independent Study Area (seats 30) ,
  • the Computer Suite (9 workstations),
  • the group study tables (seats 34) and
  • the Media Viewing Area, large screen television, Direct TV enabled and with a DVD player available upon request (seats 20).
Teachers and groups are therefore encouraged to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view make bookings for the use of any of our facilities as early as possible.
We also offer
  • loans of fiction and non- fiction materials, as well as a small number of items in ebook formats
  • access to reference materials within the library
  • access to regularly updated, as well as back issues of magazines
  • Internet access for approved educational purposes. (Students must file a signed acceptable use agreement with the library and any improper use may result in loss of Internet privileges.)
  • access to subscription databases both in school and at home, (using your NALIS membership card)
  • black and white and colour laser printing of documents for student use of the networked databases and for assignments.
  • laminating (up to letter size)
  • Photocopying, before and after school and during break and lunch only. The library strives to be an environmental green zone so we encourage students to take notes rather than make unnecessary copies. 

Copyright friendly media resources

Images, video and sound can add a lot to your work and the Internet offers you amazing access to all of them. We want you to be creative - but in a responsible way, so we expect you to respect the integrity of intellectual property. 
Searching for open content is easier than you think. You can use Google to search for Creative Commons content, look for pictures at Flickr, albums at Jamendo, and general media at Spinxpress. The Wikimedia CommonsWikipedia's multimedia warehouse, is also a core user of Creative Commons licenses.

So what exactly do you need to remember about using images, video and sound created by other people?

  • Use reasonable amounts of their works and

  • always, always cite them carefully.

  • When you do use remix other people's work, make sure your use adds value to the original effort. So here are some useful sites with copyright-friendly images and sound that you can use ethically, as well as some with Creative Commons licensing.




Beyond the basics

Bored by the basic essay? Want your teacher to sit up and pay attention? Here are some really cool ideas you may want to consider to show off what you've learnt!

  • Microsoft Publisher will allow you to easily create professional looking posters, brochures, flyers, etc., and if you need any help, the library staff will be happy to assist you.

  • Why don't you try a glog? A glog is a kind of online poster-  a fancy creation with cool backgrounds, text, images, music, video - all designed by you that gives you the perfect way to express yourself.

  • Or what about a voki? Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages. You can create a character and use it to present information for a project, or even to practise French or Spanish pronunciation.

  • Why be square? Don't limit yourself to the straight lines of Microsoft PowerPoint! Check this out and then check out preziyourself!

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