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Shubh Divali Everyone!

Story by India Montserrin


We come to the time of year students prepare for the school’s Divali Showcase which took place on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014. In the 2 short years I’ve been here at SJC (which sometimes can feel much longer) our Divali celebration has been something to look forward to.

This year the celebration took place between break in lunch (4th & 5th periods) instead of the last 2 periods before the end of school (7th & 8th periods) like it usually does. Some students felt that this would cause a rush during the activities, thus causing stress on the participants during an event that should be fun for all members of the school community. None the less, we still looked forward to what was in store.

During 4th and 5th period students and staff alike were allowed to go down to the courtyard to watch the Divali skit, dances, a musical performance and a favorite by many, the fashion show. All activities featured some of the many talented SJC students.

The Divali celebration doesn’t only allow staff and students a short break from the monotonous daily grind but also gives everyone a chance to learn a little more about Hindu culture which plays an important role in Trinidad and Tobago’s society.  Staff and students agree that the Divali Celebration is a good experience for the school community as it includes students of all religions and allows us to be exposed to a little bit of the Hindu culture.

All in all, the Divali celebration is always something to look forward to. It’s the time when the school community comes together to celebrate an important festival in our society. Another important point; Buss-Up-Shut is sold for lunch at the cafeteria on the day of the Divali celebration. So don’t forget to order early next year!



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We are indeed blessed!


“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you”
In the pursuit of excellence, our school has always strived to provide its staff and students with the best physical and technological environment to fully engage our learners in order to produce the type of citizen who will contribute to the advancement of our nation. But in today's economy, denominational schools can only continue to succeed because of the partnering with stakeholders. The support of the business community is a tremendous opportunity for our school to continue to fulfill its vision and mission and to provide first class, 21st century education to our students.
Today therefore, our school community are thrilled and grateful  that once agin the Proman Group of companies headed by Mr. Jürgen Schütz, Managing Director of Proman AG (Trinidad) Limited, Mr. Claus Cronberger, Managing Director of Process Energy (Trinidad) Limited and Mr. Dennis Patrick, Chief Executive Officer of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited, have chosen to honour us with their very generous donation.

proman_donation_2Our relationship with Proman is a long standing one which began in January 1997 under Past Principal, Mrs. Elisabeth Crouch, when we needed to redesign and expand our Physics Lab. Now our students are able to  carry out experiments with proper equipment, at work stations particularly designed for laboratory work and in air conditioned comfort!  Proman again came to our aid in 2004 when we needed to refurbish our Computer room. 

In 2003, we successfully established our Multimedia Wing – five classrooms and six teacher-prep rooms, fully equipped with the most advanced facilities available at that time. The past eleven years however, have taken their toll and rapid technology advances and constant use, much of the equipment has either become obsolete and/or irreparable. As a result, there is a dire need to upgrade and expand our once enviable facilities to meet the needs of our techno-savvy, twenty-first century learners and to this end, we have begun the process of upgrading and expanding of our current infrastructure.

This will allow us to:

  1. Increase our students’ ability and interest in applying technology in learning.

  2. Prepare our students for success in a technology-centered world.

  3. Prepare our students to manage and use information so they can be productive, life-long learners.

  4. Make available high-speed internet access capable of connectivity throughout the school and with individual devices which students and teachers may use in school.

  5. Provide network and internet security and acceptable policy aimed at ensuring all users access the internet only for educational and research purposes.

  6. Provide teachers with up-to-date software and multimedia equipment to improve teaching strategies.

  7. Encourage teachers to develop well-designed lessons, units and projects that utilize the appropriate technology in an integrated fashion.

  8. Provide instruction in finding and evaluating resources.

The generosity of these stakeholders is a testimony that they appreciate the work that we do and an endorsement of the dedication and commitment of our students and staff and we deeply appreciate them and their confidence in our tradition.


(With Annissa Rawlins)


We were already very pleased that once again our school performed exceptionally well in the regional CSECand CAPE. Now, we are thrilled and so proud to announce that 36 of our brilliant  students have also won national scholarships! And of course, many others have received various scholarships, awards and grants from other sources.

We congratulate too our teaching staff, especially those of the Form 6 teaching team, our entire school community, including their families and friends who have supported our young scholars through the years>

Well done everyone!


Josanne Crooks Environmental Studies Open
Gionieva Fraser Mathematics Open
Nicol Olliverre Mathematics Open
Tonya Johnson Modern Studies Open
Zara Smith Modern Studies Open
Anyse Calder Natural Science Open
Astrid Casimire Natural Science Open
Megan De La Bastide Natural Science Open
Gabrielle Gibbons Natural Science Open
Natalia Koylass Natural Science Open
Alyssa Nathaniel Natural Science Open
Maegan Rogers Natural Science Open
Shane Marie Winner Natural Science Open
Alexa Butts Business Additional
Hannah Peru Business Additional
Bria De Costa Environmental Studies Additional
Afoluso Hector Environmental Studies Additional
Briana Sylvester Environmental Studies Additional
Alexis Thavenot Environmental Studies Additional
Anisha Romany Language Additional
Delycia Romany Language Additional
Michela Arjoon Mathematics Additional
Eliese Carter Mathematics Additional
Alysha De Silva Mathematics Additional
Kimberly Fraser Mathematics Additional
Shalleika Hazell Mathematics Additional
Jamie-Lynn Jodhan-Butts Mathematics Additional
Catherine Aboud Modern Studies Additional
Laura Ayoung Natural Science Additional
Sherlanna Ferret Natural Science Additional
Suriah Heeraman Natural Science Additional
Leona Lewis Natural Science Additional
Adabelle Romany Natural Science Additional
Gabrielle Villafana Natural Science Additional
Abigail Warren Natural Science Additional
Amelia Fuentes VAPA Additional

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Sports Day vibes...  or lack thereof!

(Story by Celine Blanc, photo by Annissa Rawlins)

Not feeling the feeling...It’s that time of the school year again and Sports Day preparations are in full swing...

In just about a month, each house's marching and cheerleading practice will be put to the final test. All the captains are pumped, ready and busy, making detailed plans to ensure that their  Sports day is a success and to see the end result of all their hard work come to life on the field. And you can see it on their faces- It's hard balancing school work and CAPE IAs, and house leadership, getting cooperation within their houses and with their peers and hardest of all; getting the juniors to come to marching practice.

The marchers feel the struggle too. According to Form 3s, the real stress is finding a good place to hide where the captains and teachers can’t find you.

Form 2s are a little less stubborn and find themselves in the not-quite-absolutely straight lines amongst their peers, all the while complaining bitterly about how often they must give up 'a whole half hour' of their lunch time in the hot sun (or the drizzle.... you just can't please some people).

Most Form 1s say that they are excited for their first SJC sports day, and to finally experience the beloved cheerleading dances everyone’s been talking about.

Basically, everyone reacts in their own way towards the big day, but the vibes.... the vibes, they are a-buzzing!


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