Form2ArtDisplay2019 01

At the Form 2 open day art display on July 02nd, 2019 the students put on a beatiful display of all their art pieces. The following are image and comments made by parents after veiwing the exhibition. 

Art Display

Parent Comments

SportsDay2019 FrontPage


SJCPOS held their annual Sports Day 2019 on Tuesday 05th, February 2019. The various school houses showcased their coordinated efforts during the march past and other various activities on the ground that day. The images below shows some of the activites that took place during the day.


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SJCPOS held their annual Carnival celebrations on Friday March 01, 2019. The students showcased a wide range of talents by putting on display of their various carnival costumes and songs. Take a look below to view the photo gallery from the event. 


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