Friday, 14 October 2016 13:42

National Scholarships 2016


Once again, our scholars have achieved great success on the national stage! Aspiring lawyer, Raquel LeBlanc (see photo left) was blessed to be awarded the 2016 President's Medal in the area of Business Studies, Creative and Performing Arts, General Studies, Language Arts, Humanities and Technical Studies. In addition to this graduating class' outstanding achievement in all receiving full advanced level certificates, they were also awarded a total of 28 national scholarships based on the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination results this year.

Unsurprisingly given our that teaching and learning in our school community is grounded in our faith and tradition, Raquel and all our successful alumni noted the importance of prayer, of strong family support, a personal committment to excellence, thier individual determined efforts and the invaluable professionalism of our teaching faculty.

We congratulate them, their friends and families and we are confident that the skills, knowledge and values they have learned here will hold them in good stead, as they go on to what we are certain, will be great success.




Missing are Natalie Virayie - Open; Lang., Sejal Lalchandari - Add.; Bus.Stu,, & Myca Lee McComie - Add. Env. Stu.


OPEN; BUSINESS STUDIES & PRESIDENT’S MEDAL                                      Raquel Leblanc                              

OPEN; CREATIVE STUDIES                                                                                  Tsian Lee Wen                                             

OPEN; GENERAL STUDIES                                                                                  Elise Celestin                          

                                                                                                                                Kristyn Rachel Lizardi

Anna-Lise Nanton

OPEN; MODERN LANGUAGES                                                                          Tyler- Marie Lee King

Nathalie Therese Virayie

OPEN; NATURAL SCIENCES                                                                               Pascale Bell

Malika Grant

Raven Joseph

Caitlin Lee

Nicander Rickson

ADDITIONAL; BUSINESS STUDIES                                                                    Anna-Leisa Hutton

Tianna Joseph

Sejal Sanjay Lalchandani

ADDITIONAL; ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES                                                     Jessica Gay

Brittney Herrera

Myca-Lee Monica Mccomie

Samantha Ramphal

ADDITIONAL; MATHEMATICS                                                                          Kristen Alves

Sabrina Francis

ADDITIONAL; NATURAL SCIENCES                                                                  Lorraine Chong Tai

Maya Galindo

Lauren James

Cyan Elizabeth Jones

Haille Dawn

Apphia Joseph

Anna Romain

Carisa St. Bernard

Alyssa Yee Shong