Tuesday, 14 June 2016 10:04

Language Day 2016


On Friday May 27th 2016, our entire school sounded like a mini United Nations as the Department of Modern Languages presented Language Day 2016!

 The entire day was dedicated to the celebration of languages and the key role that language plays in every aspect of life.  Having selected a country, students from Form 1 to 4 were invited to decorate their classrooms accordingly and to take part in a cultural show during lunch.  Guest speakers were invited from various embassies and high commissions, the University of the West Indies and other cultural groups. to make presentations.  The afternoon sessions were spent doing practical activities in workshops.  Students seized the opportunity to learn sign language, a bit about Braille, dance, cook, sing, play music and games of all sorts, enjoy Mystery Skype sessions  and watch movies and music videos. 

With the help of friends, parents, well-wishers, teachers and students, and of course our brilliant guests, the event proved to be a resounding success and everyone is eagerly anticipating our next Language Day!