Friday, 11 January 2013 10:07
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013 and my prayerful Best Wishes to you and your families.  I wish to thank everyone again for all the hard work and effort of the last term.

Mr. Wajid Mollick officially retires in March 2013 and I take this opportunity to thank him for his years of dedicated service to our school community.  He will stay on to complete his work with examination classes and finish the school year.

We are happy to have Ms. Giselle Darlington back with us and wish her God’s blessings as she continues on the road to a full recovery.  We also welcome back Ms. Deidra Richards from study leave.

I am happy that TTUTA negotiations are settled and we can now focus on maximizing time and preparing our students fully for the upcoming CXC and NCSE Examinations.  There are only 71/2 teaching weeks so it is essential to look carefully and critically at time management and schemes of work.

We excitedly anticipate our 2nd term activities – Awards, School Carnival and the RBC Young Leaders Project.  We are hoping to partner with St. Joseph’s Academy – Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA to set up a Help Desk.  This initiative will train students to repair computers so that we can be more self-sufficient when it comes to managing the laptop programme.

As always, Mrs. Ramphal and I look to you for our inspiration, thankful that we work with such dedicated staff members.  May God continue to surround us with his grace and strength so that we can carry out our duties with love and dedication.

Mrs. Anna Pounder

Sunday, 09 September 2012 08:47
Our new school year!

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays and have returned rejuvenated to face the challenges that lie ahead.

It was a very eventful vacation.  In July Mrs. Melba Pounder passed away – she was the first lay principal and had served as the Vice principal for nineteen (19) years. Shortly after we lost one of our past pupils, Elizabeth Borely who was the daughter of Mrs. Kathleen Borely also a past member of staff.  Then Sr. Rosa Pantin was buried at the Chapel so our condolences go out to the sisters of St. Joseph’s of Cluny. Eternal rest grant onto them , Oh Lord.

In this month our country celebrates its 50th Anniversary of Independence and as we have a time of celebration let us also use this as an opportunity to reflect and teach young people about their rich tradition and inheritance.  We also celebrate the successes of our athletes at the 2012 Olympics.  We sympathize with those affected by the recent flooding. 

We welcome back Abiola Kirton  from maternity leave and celebrate with her on the birth of her daughter and ask God for the health and strength of both mother and baby. We also celebrate with Alicia Stephens who is getting married next week. Aneefa Ali has gone onto another post at British Academy and Colleen Norville has gotten the transfer that she wanted.  We welcome Ms. A. Richards to replace her in History and Social Studies who will join us at the end of September.  Both Jessie and Tamara have expressed interest in revisiting the options with the new additions to their families. Two past students, Lori Ng Chow and Krystal Rahim have offered their assistance.Mr. Ian Hypolite will take up for Kelly Leotaud who will go on sick leave.  Ms. Dacon joins us as an Associate Professional to assist in English.

Once again we are encouraged by the excellent CAPE and CSEC results.  There are a few areas that we need to study and will meet to continue to ensure that we maintain standards and meet the needs of all of our students.  Thank you to teachers who came in the vacation to assist in so many areas … timetable, results, Form One Registration or to assist in the office. 

We have a new Clerk III, Ms. Simone Bobb so we are glad to have our office fully staffed again.  Congratulations to Mrs. Yasmin Lee Wen and Mrs. Maria Wong on their promotion to the post of Dean.

I want to thank Mrs. Francine Mohammed for her sterling contribution during her year as Vice principal (Ag.).  We acknowledge her efforts and high level of commitment. 
We forge ahead with out Middle Management Team strengthen and our administration supported by the work of all, and I welcome Mrs. Maritza Ramphal as the Vice Principal and I trust that you will give her all the support and assistance needed.

We were able to deliver the Self Study in July and now await the review by the committee and their recommendations in order to guide our 3/5 year School Development Plan. I know that there were several projects proposed however, the expected Grant for Minor purchases and repairs was severely cut therefore all projects have to be reviewed.  We have taken the decision to increase project 2012 to Nine Hundred Dollars ($900.00) in order to be able to provide for ourselves in light of changing arrangements re: Financing for Denominational Schools, but we will also have to have Fund Raisers for School Upgrade and Maintenance.

Once again, Maritza and I look forward to your continued dedication and commitment grateful that we work with such a professional staff. May God continue to surround us with His Grace and strength so that we can carry out our duties.


Monday, 05 December 2011 13:08
St. Joseph’s Convent, Port-of-Spain Sports Campus

To: the St.  Joseph's Convent Port of Spain family

Your continued and generous support is solicited to help us realize our dream and mission to construct a Sports Complex at St. Joseph’s Convent grounds at Serpentine Road, St. Clair, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

The School’s Mission Statement states inter alia:
“… To promote a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes geared toward the holistic development of students …”
Therefore, under the Chairmanship of the Provincial Superior of the Cluny Sisters, Sister Annetta Alexander of the School Board and Principal Mrs. Anna Pounder of St. Joseph’s Convent, Port-of-Spain, the Parent Support Committee is embarking on a series of fund raising activities to assist in the construction of the new St. Joseph’s Convent Sports Campus. 

The Sports Campus is an indoor-outdoor student sporting facility.  This campus would facilitate hockey, football, music, drama, dance, tennis, badminton, squash, swimming and aerobics.
The indoor facilities include an auditorium to host graduation ceremonies, concerts and conferences.  The campus would be a state of the art constructed, international standard facility worthy of being described as having first world status.

Therefore, the Parent Support Committee under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Therese Ng Chow enlists your most fervent support and co-operation to acquire this much needed “SPORTS CAMPUS”.  It is the expectation of the school’s board and administration that the campus would benefit not only your daughter/son, relatives, associates and/or friends but thousands of children of our country, Trinidad and Tobago.

The first fund raising activity is a grand raffle which would be divided into sections.  The prize in the first section is comprised of electronic equipment while the prize in the second section would include airline tickets and accommodation for two to Barbados.  The prize for the third section includes a 36” plasma television.

You would no doubt imagine that a project of this magnitude would cost millions of dollars.  As a result the committee is enlisting your support by asking you to assist the school in raising funds by firstly taking responsibility for the selling of at least the two enclosed raffle books at a cost of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per book.

This raffle would be drawn on Friday 16th December, 2011.  Consequently you are required to submit your books and funds by no later than Friday 9th December, 2011.
We anticipate your gracious assistance and thank you for your generous support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely,



Thursday, 27 October 2011 14:18
School closure

Dear SJCPOS Parents/ Guardians,

Our school has suspended all festivities and celebrations in honour of the life and work of our beloved colleague and teacher, Ms. Sharlene Straker who departed this life on Saturday 22nd October 2011. Our annual Sports day will now be held at a later date to be announced.

The funeral service for Ms. Sharlene Straker will take place on Friday 28th October at 10.00 a.m. at the St. Dominic’s R.C. Church, Lady Young Avenue (off Lady Young Road). This should end at 11.30 a.m. Most of our teachers will be attending and parents who wish to allow their daughter/ son to attend, are free to make any necessary arrangements. There will be no school on this day.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs. Anna Pounder


Thursday, 27 October 2011 11:06
We mourn the passing of Ms. Sharlene Simone Straker (18.09.75 - 22.10.11)

On Saturday 22nd October we lost one of our beloved teachers, Ms. Sharlene Simone Straker.

Ms. Straker taught here for six years and was a dedicated and caring educator who always took a keen interest in her students. Her commitment and devotion to duty are evident in the fact that despite illness, she worked right up to Friday 21st October.

As a teacher of Biology, she was passionate about her subject and always found ways to make science interesting, meaningful and relevant to the lives of her students.

During her time here she contributed significantly to the life of the school and involved herself in many of the school’s cultural activities. She willingly shared her own knowledge and experience with her students and was always respectful, gracious and kind to all.

Our family here at St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain mourns the loss of Ms. Straker who was an integral part of our community and we extend our prayerful support to her family and friends. We ask God’s continued blessings on us all.

May she rest in peace.

Mrs. Anna Pounder


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