School Awards 2016

Click here to view the Awards Ceremony for SJCPOS students!

School Awards 2016 School Awards 2016

Scholarship Winners 2016

Click here for a full list of the Scholarship Winners for 2016.

Scholarship Winners 2016 Scholarship Winners 2016

Variety Show 2016

Variety Show 2016

Variety Show 2016 Variety Show 2016

Career Fair 2016

Career Fair 2016

Career Fair 2016 Career Fair 2016

Carnival 2016

Carnival 2016

Carnival 2016 Carnival 2016

Welcome to St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain

We are a medium sized, Roman Catholic secondary school; the oldest in Trinidad and Tobago, but our learners’ exceptional academic results reflect our commitment to innovation in teaching and learning. In addition, our students are encouraged to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities and have distinguished themslves, our school. our country and our region in the areas of community service, sport and the creative and performing arts.

Rooted in tradition and faith, we offer students a vibrant environment that enriches character and inspires a lifelong passion for learning and personal excellence, while providing them with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to become confident, passionate, strong young women (and men) prepared to play leading roles in their community and the world.

In 2011, our school proudly celebrated its 175th anniversary, but we are happy to be able to use new technologies to improve the psychological, social and academic outcomes for our learners and to communicate with our entire learning community. We particularly wish to encourage our parents and alumni to use the opportunities available to keep in touch with us.

As you browse this site, you will see our learners - engaged and enthusiastic, compassionate and caring, articulate and ambitious and you'll discover what it truly means to be a Convent girl!

2016 Dates for your diary (Term 1)!

Please check back regularly for amendments and additions
Term 1 Monday 5th September – Friday 16th December (15 weeks)
Term 2 Monday 9th January -  Friday 7th April 2017 (12 weeks)
Term 3 Monday 24th April – Friday 7th July (12 weeks)
TBA ICT Meetings
Safety and Security Committee
General Staff Meeting (Monthly)
Sports Day
Choir Trip to Vienna
Dragon Boat Trip to Puerto Rico
Cheerleaders' Trip to Orlando
Advent Celebrations and Christmas Crèche
Thursday 1st Orientation Days   – Form IV, Lower VI
Friday 2nd Form One Teachers Meeting 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Monday 5th Term 1 begins.
Tuesday 6th Club Leaders Meeting: 12:00 – 12:30 p.m.
Thursday 8th Club Day; Promotion of Extra-Curricular Activities 1:50 p.m. – 2:30p.m
Wednesday 14th Welcome Mass

Jubilee Year of Mercy First Friday Mass; Rosary Day

Wednesday 12th Report on Examination Results due - Breakdown of Grades; tracking trends
Friday 14th TTUTA Professional Development Day
Mon 24th- Friday 28th Report on Examination Results Evaluation Review
Wednesday 26th

Parents Day Form V

Thursday 27th

Parents Day Form V

Friday 28th

Divali Celebrations

Monday 31st

International School Library Day

Tuesday 1st 1M Parents Day; 8.00
Wednesday 2nd 1L Parents Day; 8.00, 1N Parents Day; 1.10
Thursday 3rd 1K Parents Day; 8.00
Friday 4th Jubilee Year of Mercy First Friday Mass; classes will begin at 8.40

Friday 11th

Feast of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey; Dress rehearsal for Parang in a Pot

Saturday 12th Fund Raising Activity – Parang in a Pot
Monday  14th Proposed Scholarship Holiday 2016 (to be confirmed)
Thursday 17th Prizegiving Ceremony rehearsal 
Tuesday 22nd Annual Prizegiving Ceremony; 8.00, Form 1s no school
Monday 28th Loal goverrnment elections; no classes
Tuesday 29th End of term examinations begin
Friday 2nd Jubilee Year of Mercy First Friday Mass
Wednesday 14th Carols on the Courtyard
Thursday 15th Valedictory Function for - Patricia Howai, Shelly Mohammed, Jael Murell
Friday 16th Term 1 ends. Distribution of reports.
Please note that according to Ministry of Education regulations, student attendance is mandatory up to the official date of the end of term, except in Term 3 for those students writing CSEC and CAPE who are expected to attend school until the day preceeding the first written examination.

SJCPOS Spotlight

school_hoursFor this last week of school begining Monday 12th to Tuesday 13th December, our school will be ending at 2.00 pm with the afternoon session. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, classes will be dismissed at 12.30 pm..

Christmas is a-coming...
and SJCPOS is having fun! So come out and support our annual fundraiser, Parang in a Pot!
There'll be game stalls and magic balls,
music and prizes and lots of surprises,
and foods that will make you go 'Mmmm'.
So come out and join us on the 12th of Novenber,
For an evening you'll always remember!

Raquel_Le_BlancNational Scholarships 2016

Once again, our scholars have achieved great success on the national stage! Raquel LeBlanc was blessed to be awarded the 2016 President's Medal in the area of Business Studies, Creative and Performing Arts, General Studies, Language Arts, Humanities and Technical Studies and in addition to the 2013 graduating class' outstanding achievement in recieving 100% passes, they recieved 28 national scholarships based on the CAPE results this year! We are so proud of them all... just click on the image for a full list of winners.

rainbowAfter sadness, comes hope..
It is with great joy, that we report that our dear colleague, friend and teacher, Mrs Gillian Herbert is resting comfortably, her condition stable and satisfactory at this time. We do encourage well wishers to allow her and her family the time and space that they need and deserve at this difficult time. Our grateful thanks go out to the doctors and staff at the Mount Hope Hospital who have supported her and her family, and as always, we pray to our Lord God for their speedy recovery.


SJC Sweeps!
On Sunday 26th June, 2016 the Trinidad and Tobago Cheer Federation held their annual national schools' championships at the Centre of Excellence auditorium in Macoya and our teams all dominated the floor, winning 4 of the 5 categories on the night! Click on the image for more details...

Get Connected


The SJCPOS learning community is connected on Edmodo - our secure and private micro-blogging platform, built around closed group collaboration, so only our students can join groups using a secret code provided by their teacher. This makes it easy for teachers, students and parents to stay connected and share information even while away from the classroom. Each student will receive a log in code and then set their own personal password. Parents will also receive a unique log in code, so that you may communicate privately with our teachers and administrators. You can even EdmodoMobile so we can stay connected- on the go!