World Choir Games 2014

St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain choir attended the World Choir Games 2014 and performed superbly! Click here to see the full story from the trip!

World Choir Games 2014 World Choir Games 2014

Form 5 and Form 6 Graduation 2014

The Form 5 and Form 6 students had their graduation ceremony. Click here to see images from the event.

Form 5 and Form 6 Graduation 2014 Form 5 and Form 6 Graduation 2014

Career Fair 2014

SJCPOS had their Career Fair on Thursday 3rd April, 2014 which featured alot of companies showing possible career opportunities to students.

Career Fair 2014 Career Fair 2014

Carnival and Panorama 2014

SJCPOS held their Annual Carnival celebrations on Friday 28th, February 2014. Click here to check out some of the images from the event as well as our School entry into the Panorama competition

Carnival and Panorama 2014 Carnival and Panorama 2014

Sports Day 2014

Check out some of the images from Sports Day 2014

Sports Day 2014 Sports Day 2014

School Awards 2014

Check out some of the images here from the internal annual school awards 2014.

School Awards 2014 School Awards 2014

Welcome to St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain

We are a medium sized, Roman Catholic secondary school; the oldest in Trinidad and Tobago, but our learners’ exceptional academic results reflect our commitment to innovation in teaching and learning. In addition, our students are encouraged to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities and have distinguished themslves, our school and our country in the areas of community service, sport and the creative and performing arts.

Rooted in tradition and faith, we offer students a vibrant environment that enriches character and inspires a lifelong passion for learning and personal excellence, while providing them with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to become confident, passionate, strong young women (and men) prepared to play leading roles in their community and the world.

In 2011, our school proudly celebrates its 175th anniversary, but we are happy to be able to use new technologies to improve the psychological, social and academic outcomes for our learners and to communicate with our entire learning community. We particularly wish to encourage our parents and alumni to use the site to keep in touch with us.

Throughout our site, as you see our learners - engaged and enthusiastic, compassionate and caring, articulate and ambitious, you'll discover what it means to be a Convent girl!

Coming up Term 3 2014... dates for your diary!




All month
12.00 -12.30 pm Class rosaries in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tues 29th
7.55-11.40 am Term opens. School dismisses at lunch. 12.30 Staff meeting.


All month
12.00-12.30 Class rosaries in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thurs 29th
8.30-12.30 Form 2 visit to production of 'The messiah'. NAPA 

Fri 30th
Indian Arrival Day. Public holiday- no school.



Tues  3rd
Form 3 NCSE English Orals

Fri 6th 
Form 3 NCSE Spanish Orals

Mon 9th 
Form 3 NCSE Maths P1 & P2 

Tues 10th
Form 3 French Orals

Wed 11th 
Form 3 NCSE Science P1; Chemistry, 1 1/2 hrs

Thurs 12th
Form 4 Art, 3hrs 
Form 3 NCSE Spanish P2 & P3

Fri 13th 
Form  4 Art, 3 hrs/ Music, 3 hrs/ nformation Technology, 2 hrs; Spanish Orals

Mon 16th
Form 4 English A, 2 hrs 40 mins; Spanish 2 1/2 hrs
Form 3 NCSE English P2; English A, 2hrs
Form 2 General Science, 2 hrs; History, 1 1/2hrs
Form 1 French Orals; English A, 1 1/2 hrs

Tues 17th
Form 4 Biology, 2 1/2 hrs; English B, 2 hrs
Form 3 Geography, 1 3/4 hrs; Social Studies, 1 1/2 hrs
Form 2 Geography 1 3/4 hrs; Information Technology, 2 hrs
Form 1 Spanish Orals; Social Studies, 1 1/2 hrs

Wed 18th
Form 4 History, 2 hrs 40 mins/ Economics, 2 1/2 hrs; Chemistry, 2 1/2hrs
Form 3 NCSE Social Studies P1; History, 1 1/2 hrs
Form 2 Maths, 2 hrs; Music, 1 1/2 hrs
Form 1 Maths, 1 3/4 hrs; Geography, 1 3/4hr

Thurs 19th
Corpus Christi & Labour Day. Public holiday- no school

Fri 20th
Corpus Christi & Labour Day Public holiday- no school

Mon 23rd
Form 4 Biology, 2 1/2 hrs; English B, 2 hrs
Form 3 Geography, 1 3/4 hrs; Social Studies, 1 1/2 hrs
Form 2 Geography 1 3/4 hrs; Information Technology, 2 hrs
Form 1 Spanish, 1 1/2 hrs; Physical Education, 1 hr

Tues 24th
Form 4 Additional Maths, 2 hrs; Principles of Business, 2 1/2hrs
Form 3 NCSE English P3;  English Literature, 2hrs
Form 2 Spanish, 2hrs; Physical Education, 1 1/2hrs
Form 1 Art, 3 hrs; English B1 1/2 hrs 

Wed 25th
Form 4 Principles of Accounts,3 hrs; Maths.2 1/4hrs
Form 3 Physics,1 1/2 hrs; French
Form 2 French, 2 hrs; English ,2hrs
Form 1 History 1 2/2hrs; Music, 1 1/2 hrs

Thur 26th
Form 4 Geography, 2 1/2 hrs, Spanish, 1 1/4 hrs
Form 3 Spanish P1 & 2, Information Technology
Form 2 Art, 3 hrs
Form 1 French, 1 3/4 hrs; General Science, 2 hrs

Fri 27th
Form 4 French & French Orals
Form 3 Maths, Art

Mon 30th
Forms 1, 2 & 3 PD Program
Form 3 Return of MOE books
Form 4 Maths 1 1/4hrs, SBA session for Science subjects & Review of Math exam



Tues 1st
PD program end of year activities

Wed 2nd
Walk-a-thon & Breakfast morning

Thurs 3rd
8.00-11.40 Year group activities. Courtyard

Fri 4th
7.55 – 11.40 Term ends. Mass in our Chapel. Distribution of report books.
Registration for new Form 1s.

Coming up!
July – World Choir Games, Riga , Latvia

SJCPOS Spotlight

Reading rocks!

ya_booksThe library will be open for borrowing from tomorrow at lunchtime. Just take a minute to click on this image to read through our loans policy and make sure to have your library card ready!

Welcome to the Academic Year 2014-2015!

schoolMrs Anna Pounder, our principal shares about our really fun and exciting plans fot the upcoming year as we recommit ourselves to excellence in all areas of school life! 

We went to Latvia!


Our school choir attended the 8th World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia 2014!

Career Fair 2014!


Our school had their Career Fair 2014 with shocases from varous companies.

Carnival and Panorma 2014!


Our school held their Annual Carnival celebrations 2014 as well as the Panorama Competition 2014

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Each student will receive a log in code and then set their own personal password. Parents will also receive a unique log in code, so that they may communicate privately with our teachers and administrators. You can even EdmodoMobile so we can stay connected- on the go!

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